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Khalifa A. Khaliq was born and raised in Chicago Illinois.  He is an Afrocentric lecturer, author and activist.  During the late 80s he created and edited an educational newsletter addressing the Asian and African American experience.  This publication was circulated to inner city high schools in Chicago.


While living in Japan he started the Journal of Black Sinology.  A trimonthly publication focusing on the history of Blacks in ancient Asia.  This publication was circulated in Osaka and Tokyo, Japan.




His article "Was Buddha Black?" appeared in Horizons, an Afrocentric newsletter in Osaka, Japan.  Mr. Khaliq has diligently researched the African presence in ancient Asia.  The University of California in Santa Cruz presented his research in one of their text books.  In September 2006 he initiated Blacks In Asia (BIA), an Afrocentric study group in Chiba, Japan.


Mr. Khaliq is currently the director of Our Pen Pal in Asia (OPA), an international correspondence program designed to raise Black youth's awareness of the African presence in ancient and modern Asia.




His interest in Asian culture has led him to travel to Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Guam and Cambodia. In Japan he achieved a rewarding career as an educator.  Mr. Khaliq  has taught the sons and daughters of famous celebrities in Tokyo.  He was also an instructor to a member of Japan's royal family.  As a teacher he has made several television appearances in Japan.


According to historian Runoko Rashidi, Mr. Khaliq  is ". . . a much needed breath of fresh air to all of us!"